Brand Activation & Promotion


Mall promotions involve exclusive displays for your brands/services which can reach your preferred target group. Malls have become the hub of consumer activity, and hence promotions in these malls are a crucial part of the marketing mix for any company. It is an effective means of selling brand identity. It uses various forms of the display to entice consumers who are present in the mall or shopping area. Apart from displays, interactive activities and games, designed within the framework of the brand identity, can be used to lure consumers and generate awareness about the brand.


Office promotions are done, with a business-to-business orientation. Kiosks are set up at office premises and fliers and other direct mailers are distributed to create awareness about new services and product launches that the company wishes to portray to its employees or customers


If the consumers don’t come to your product, take the product to the consumers instead.

Society promotions are an innovative method of using product display, and other forms of promotion, in certain housing societies, of a particular level, which come under the desired target group for your company’s brand.

We do proper display unit, with product ranges, varieties, can be used, and they can be placed inside the premises of the society, where consumers, can touch, feel, and make use of the product as and when the situation demands.


Roadshows offer a huge amount of visibility, be it the most conventional or the most contemporary exclusively depending upon the respective product. The Makkerz has been actively conducting roadshows across the country. The Makkerz can offer Creative ideas for having exclusive and innovative road shows. Entire designing & execution of the multi-city road shows & Relevant fabrication & permissions work will be done by Team The Makkerz.